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Hotel ★★★★★
Hotel ★★★★★★★
Genius T 12-2/1
Category : Combi Oven
Sub Category : Combi Steamers
Product Information
Width: 1310 mm
Depth: 1086 mm
Height: 1490 mm

Available For Other Type :
Genius T 12-2/1 - Right Hinged Auto Clean Function (Electric or Gas)

Voltage : 400Volt (For Electric Type) & 230Volt (For Gas Type)

5 Start Screens
9 Menu Groups (pasta, desert, bread, poultry, meat, fish, vegetables, side dishes, banquett)
9 Cooking Methods (Defrosting, poaching, stewing, steaming, roasting, gratinating, grilling, baking, regenerating)
9 Modes of Operation (Vario steaming, steaming, forced steaming, combination, convection, LT-cooking, DT-cooking, cook & hold, baking)
Program list for 300 fully automatic programs
Favourites for 20 fully automatic programs
Mixed-Load Cooking
Different products with different cooking times together
Rolling production possible
High savings in energy, water and time
Glass Panel with Sensors and Colour Monitor
Laminated safety glass
Totally integrated, flat surface for perfect hygiene - maintenance free
Scout multidimensional operating unit for selection and input of functions. Simultaneous input of cooking procedures, temperature and moisture level
Fully coloured graphic user interface presenting cooking chamber climate, menu groups, cooking modes, program list
Clima Control
Clima Aktiv controls temperature and moisture
Active humidification or de-humidification with unique supply air system
Dry and humid heat in combination plus temperature displayed on Climatic screen
Steam Generation
Direct Steam generation via Live Steam System in the cooking chamber
Steam at any time and at any temperature
No pre-heating
High savings on energy
Steam is extracted via Steam Protection System before program ends
No danger of burnings
No humidity into kitchen environment
Reuse of energy
Heat recovery through Multi-Eco System
High savings on water and energy
Automatic pre-heating or cool down of the cooking chamber
Cool down by using the residual heat via Multi-Eco System
Core Temperature Probe
Multi point core temperature probe
Temperatures from 0 - 99?C
Compensation of incorrect plug in
Preset and programmable
Auto-reverse fan mode for perfectly even results
Cooking Cabinet
Large chamber for greater capacity (up to 26% more space)
1 additional insert
Hygienic chamber - NSF conform
Automatic recording of all relevant data
Control via integrated screen at any time
Serial interface RS 232 for data exchange with printer or pc
Energy saving feature
Reduction of heating capacity for peak load regulation
Low pollution burner
Induction mixture in precombustion chamber
High efficiency heat exchanger
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